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Sec 4 Prelim Papers 2011 Maths and Add Maths for exchange .....

Sec 4 Maths Prelim 2011 : http://www.mediafire.com/?iq4596luq41s74c

SEc 4 Add Maths prelim 2011 : http://www.mediafire.com/?3gkgr9qbbk2j

for the following schools are ready for downloads !!!!

1)Anderson Sec
2)Anglician high
3)Catholic High
4)Cedar Girls Sec
5)CHIJ Toa Payoh
6)Clementi Town Sec
7)Crescent Girls Sec
9)Paya Leber MGS

Your guide to studying smart by Five Award-winning teachers

The O and A levels are around the corner.
Five award-winning teachers share tips to help you score in the exams.


The senior teacher, who teaches General Paper, has 23 years of teaching experience and won the Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2010.

Manage your time

Know how you study best

Do you study best doing one subject at a time? If so, arrange different days to cover different subjects.

Work backwards

Count how many days you are left with so you can plan your time well.

Develop a timetable

Take a 10-minute break for every hour of study to reduce fatigue, but remain focused on the subject at hand.

Be specific

Include the actual chapter of the subject that you are studying in your timetable. For example, write GP: Man & Environment instead of just GP.


Plan for two to three rounds of revision to reinforce your memory.


Approach your teacher when in doubt.


Allow yourself to watch your favourite TV show, but only if you have completed your work.


Mr Syed, a History and Social Studies teacher, won the Outstanding Youth in Education Award 2011.

Boost for Memory

Reorganise Notes

Rewrite printed notes onto a separate piece of paper. This will help "work in" the information into your memory.

Go Graphic

Document your notes in a mindmap or a chart. It's easier to remember vivid images.

Keep it short

Use acronyms or mnemonics to help simplify long phases and sentences into simple and catchy phrases.

Get Familiar

Spend at least 30 minutes daily skimming through the content you have to memorise. And always revisit what you have learnt.


Miss Leow is the Head of Department (Mathematics). She has eight years of teaching experience and won the Outstanding Youth in Education Award 2009

Improve your concentration

Eliminate distractions

Concentration becomes low if you're distracted. Stop trying to do too many things at once.

Overcome obstacles

Lack of interest and motivation, fatigue and the fear of failure may affect your focus. Learn to overcome them.

Pick a good study environment

Find a place where you will enjoy studying. Minimise distractions if possible.

Be positive

Develop will-power and self-discipline. Remember your purpose for studying and make a personal promise to achieve.

Control your thoughts

Don't be a victim of your own mind. Stay focused and prevent your mind from drifting away.


The Head of Department (Character Development) teaches Science. He wont he President's Award for Teachers 2011.

Manage Stress

Set goals

Know where you're heading to after the exams. Motivate yourself with images of the new campus and the course you'll be taking.

Plan for success

You plan to fail if you fail to plan. Allow yourself to taste success as you carry out your revision plan for the day by setting achievable daily goals.

Chill Out

Take a walk or jog in the park for about 30 minutes after a few hours of revision. You'll find yourself refreshed to do more after the short break.

Personal Time

Read an inspirational book during this time. For those with faith in God, pray.

Family Time

Find support and strength in your loved ones. A note to parents: Give your fullest moral support to your children by being there for them.

Study with motivated friends

The support you get from discussions and sharing will make you feel better.

Speak to a trusted adult

Never feel shy about approaching your parents, siblings, relatives, a counsellor or your teacher in school. We're here to give you all the encouragement you need.

5)BY MR ABDUL NASSER, 46, MILLENNIA INSTITUTE The senior teacher with 16 years of experience, teaches Tamil Language and Literature. He won the Most Inspiring Tamil Teacher Award 2011.

Revise with your peers

Provide constructive feedback

Peer feedback allows group members to realise their strengths and weaknesses more easily.

Greater efficiency

Divide workload among peers. Notes and mindmaps are generated faster.

An extra push

When you're almost flat, having a peer to pick you up could be the best thing ever.

Be disciplined

To make sure your plan does not backfire, all members need to agree on maintaining self-discipline.

Clarify doubts

Sharing your questions with peers allows you to get answers much faster, but remember to consult a teacher when all of you are unsure.

Make use of technology

When done right, with Facebook and instant messaging, you can even revise with your peers online

Najib Siddik | The New Paper | Tue Oct 11 2011

NUS exam boo-boo upsets students

..Some 700 National University of Singapore (NUS) first-year undergraduates received a rude shock on Saturday in the exam hall.

They were told on the spot that the paper on managerial economics, which they were about to sit for, was cancelled as not enough question papers were printed.

An NUS spokesperson said the mess-up was due to a "human error", reported Today.

He added that the university is investigating the matter "to strengthen the processes to prevent this from happening again".

If things had gone as planned, there would have been 750 exam scripts printed for a class of 725, who were sitting for the mid-year test for the module "BSP 1005 Managerial Economics".

The lecturer-in-charge of the exam, who works in the banking industry, who was taking another class in the morning, only discovered at "about 2pm", the time of the exam, that they were short of 200 scripts, the spokesperson said.

"The lecturer-in-charge discussed with fellow colleagues on duty that day on the various available options. There was insufficient time to make additional copies as another test had been schedule in the same hall immediately after the state test.

"After considering all options, the lecturer-in-charge made the difficult decision of cancelling the test. The lecturer-in-charge then made the announcement to the students, took responsibility and apologised for the human error made, and followed up with an explanation email to all affected students," the spokesperson explained.

The mid-year test carries 30 per cent of the students' grades for the module. They will now be assessed based on other assignments.

A copy of the email was obtained by the same paper, in which the course coordinator said, "On behalf of the entire team, I am really sorry for today's fiasco. We fell short in the number of printed papers we had and we could not find a way to make this work."

The coordinator added that the situation was "completely unintended", and that the question paper will be made available to students who want to practice the questions and for discussion in tutorial classes.

An NUS undergraduate, who only wanted to be known as Tan, said, "I feel very frustrated and annoyed because I studied so hard for it and it got cancelled at the last minute.

"I'm also annoyed at how they called us down on a Saturday and did not send (us) the information in a professional manner."

..By Ewen Boey | Yahoo! Newsroom – Tue, Oct 4, 2011..

Tuition centre under investigation over misleading ad

A tuition centre which claimed its PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) revision class is taught by an examiner who had set the paper for this year's PSLE has come under scrutiny.

The advertisement for the tuition centre, which appeared in newspapers last month, was promoting its 'PSLE revision by this year's question setter'.

In the same advertisement, the centre, SuccessNat, claimed the 'O' level revision class would be conducted by 'teachers from the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB)'.

The advertisement aroused the suspicions of one parent, who wondered if the PSLE exam questions for this year would be 'leaked' during the class.

When she called the centre to find out more, she alleged the person in charge of the centre, a Mr Lim, 23, stated that he works at the SEAB.

According to the Shin Min Daily, this was what he told enquiring journalists in an earlier report.

He further claimed that he had a 'five-year contract' to set exam questions for the PSLE, and that the tutors he employed were last year's examiners who had set the exam questions.

However, two employees who were interviewed at the time said that they were not examiners.

'Advertisement was misleading'

When contacted by reporters from the Chinese daily, Mr Lim was apologetic and admitted that the advertisement was 'misleading'.

In defence of the statement made about the PSLE revision being conducted by 'this year's question-setter', he said that it did not mean a PSLE exam-setter, but a teacher who had set exams for his or her school.

He also said 'O level revision by SEAB teachers' was misconstrued. He claimed he meant that tutors will observe guidelines and regulations set by SEAB.

In reference to his claims that he is an employee of SEAB, Mr Lim admits the statement was false, and he does not have any 'contract' with the Board.

Mr Lim revealed that after the initial advertisement was put up, only two persons responded.

He added that the centre's latest advertisement did not carry the same claims, and said he would be 'more careful' next time.

SEAB: Mr Lim 'is not an employee'

In a statement from the SEAB, it stated that any person who sets exam papers at a national level, including teachers, are required to sign documents to ensure that the questions are kept confidential.

It said it was investigating the centre, SuccessNat, for its allegations. It also verified that Mr Lim is not an employee of SEAB nor is he a PSLE examiner.

When contacted, the Ministry of Education (MOE) stated that teachers are allowed to moonlight as tutors, only if it does not affect their teaching.

It also restricts the amount of time teachers can spend giving tuition to a maximum of only six hours a week.