Sunday, January 8, 2017

200 police escort to ensure the safety of the test paper of the college entrance examination

Tomorrow, the curtain of 2016 Chinese entrance exam (also called Gaokao) is about to open. For candidates, the college entrance examination is an important test in life, and for those who have experienced college entrance examination, although the college entrance examination has become the past, the memory of it is still deep.
 200 police escort to ensure the safety of the test paper of the college entrance examination
News on June 6th, the criminal law amendment (nine) the organization of the examination of the terms of the examination will be the first to apply for college entrance examination, which means that the Gaokao of this year will be the most strict one in the history. In Jilin province this year, a total of more than 140 thousand candidates, distributed in 59 test areas, 157 sites, 4240 room. When the candidates open hand paper, they can smell the aroma of ink. However, do you know the level of confidentiality for "top secret" papers from the hands of the printing factory to candidates, along with how much security measures?

Back in late May, the province's public security organs has formulated "the 2016 college entrance examination papers escort work plan". In order to ensure the safety of papers escort, provincial public security bureau established college entrance examination papers escort security work leading group, and by the deputy director general of the Han Muen renzuchang Scripture Paul corps commander and Traffic Management Bureau deputy director of the deputy head. The key work is to resolutely prevent inventory, inspection, sign and other aspects of errors, accidents, to ensure the safety of the examination papers." Provincial Public Security Department papers escort leading group for the relevant personnel introduction, in the escort work, prevent paper pollution, damage, loss and other crimes and accidents, ensure the safety of papers in good order; at the same time, we must resolutely prevent escort vehicle broke down, spontaneous combustion, such as fault, ensure the escort vehicle safety in good condition. Then, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps also established "the college entrance examination papers escort work traffic security service work plan". It is understood, in the whole process of our province college entrance examination papers to escort, the province sent a total of more than 200 police officers, including police and traffic police and other police; the province dispatched the escort and support vehicles a total of more than 100 vehicles, including Swat armed escort car. 

In charge of Jilin province college entrance examination paper printing factory, all over the camera, wire mesh. "In the hospital there are high observation point, at any time to observe the situation inside and outside the plant." Introduction of a staff member. In the printing factory on the door of the "forbidden zone" two characters. As long as one to the printing plant, the phone will have no signal. This is the use of technical means Jizhen departments, to shield all electronic products. Access to the printing plant needs to go through two doors, the first gate requires a special pass, the second gate is the only way to enter the core area of the printing plant. "Security is more stringent than the airport." Staff said that all personnel entering the second door to pass security checks, and to the articles carried by manual inspection. The printing factory is confidential, all links are to abide by the confidentiality provisions. "Local public security organs will send police to defend the work every day." Provincial Public Security Bureau relevant responsible person introduced during the questioning and printing, every day to arrange the police patrol in the periphery of the printing plant, divided into two classes, a group of four people; in addition to the heavily armed special police patrol, police every 24 hours at least 15 people. Until the end of the college entrance examination, the police to evacuate. In the printing plant, the college entrance examination questions and printing factory workers in May 18th after entering, has not had the door. Staff introduction, topic a total of more than 100, plus printing plant workers, a total of more than 300 people, until June 9, end of the college entrance examination in order to "ban". "Before they enter the printing plant, have to undergo a rigorous inspection, mobile phones, computers and even watches and other electronic products are prohibited into." The staff said that the factory's fixed line telephone are not held up the handset, anyone using the internal telephone to communicate will be audio taped.  

In the afternoon of June 3rd, when the whole province to receive papers from the vehicle into the printing plant, can only stay in the designated area, not allowed to enter the core area. Escort work plan in accordance with the requirements, test paper before loading, provincial public security department, the scripture Conservation Corps in conjunction with the Province Education Examination Yuan control printing factory submit the list of questions, one by one with the rest of the escorts common inventory quantity, checking the packing, inspection seal, check to send, the confirmation is arranged at the back of the car, car. After loading, the public security departments at all levels, education departments for examination papers, together with the provincial public security department to fill in the examination questions (volume) number of bags, the number of signatures on the transfer sheet. All vehicles must be in order to enter the factory, the first is Tonghua, followed by Liaoyuan, Jilin, Siping, Songyuan...... The last one into the factory is Changchun city. After strict examination papers escort vehicle entered the second gate, all the papers are loaded with a forklift, and then by car escort staff were counted and piles buttress. In order to facilitate the distinction, the papers are written on the packaging bag has the name of the region and the "text", "answer card" and so on. -

In the paper transfer process, plant the topic and printing plant workers are prohibited from downstairs, but does not allow the slightest contact with the paper transfer of personnel. After loading is completed, the public security escorts will conduct strict examination of the driving room. Then, at the door of the cab sides are posted "seals". Immediately, the public security and education departments will be combined on the examination of the examination papers, and then 3 locks on the door of the car. In the first big door, the staff will receive a white canvas bag, this is what to do with? "The paper loading is used in the printing factory of the packaging bag, the canvas bag is sealed after the examination papers used." The staff said, after the examination papers will also be sealed, finally put a canvas bag to the grading unit.  

The reporter of the New Culture Changchun followed the City Public Security Bureau scriptures Paul detachment escorts experience escort work papers Changchun city district. A handheld submachine gun escorts said, every year, the college entrance examination papers escort work is the most important scriptures Paul, police and other departments, it can be said that in the whole process, the police are highly stressful, should pay close attention to trends along the way and to prevent the occurrence of sudden and unexpected events. Escort vehicle arrived at the office space in Changchun private organization smoothly, departments of public security, confidentiality department and the Department of recruitment of staff already in the waiting. For vehicles, three party personnel under the supervision of the escort vehicle compartment. The education department receives the personnel to carry on the examination and acceptance of the bag which is filled with the examination paper, to check whether there is any damage and loss. After the confirmation, the handover procedure and escort personnel. The staff began to transport papers to the designated confidential room, until the entrance of the day. The scene, 3 special police to carry loaded guns. A police said, in accordance with the division of responsibilities, papers into the secret room, even the police can not enter.