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Some questions about the PSLE exam

With PSLE rolling around the corner, many parents are busy helping their kids prepare for the 'big' exam.

Currently, only pupils who are studying in government / government-aided / approved private institutions in Singapore are allowed to sit for the PSLE when they reach Primary 6 level

We consulted the Singapore Examination and Assessment Board (SEAB) to answer some questions about the exam.

Q: When will the 2011 PSLE results be released?
The PSLE results are tentatively scheduled for release between 24 to 28 November 2011.

Q: What happens if a pupil falls sick during the PSLE and sits or DOES NOT sit for the exam?
The pupil will have to send in his/her medical documents to SEAB through his/her school. His/her results will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Q: How can a pupil withdraw from the PSLE?
A pupil can withdraw from the PSLE by informing the SEAB through his/her respective primary school principal.

Q: Will the examination fee be refunded to the pupil who has withdrawn from the PSLE?There is no refund of the examination fee.

Q: Who is eligible for special consideration / arrangements during the PSLE?
A pupil with physical or learning disabilities which may adversely affect his/her performance in the examination may request for special consideration /arrangements during the examination. Certain special consideration / arrangements will be annotated in the pupil’s PSLE certificate.

Q: How does a pupil apply for special consideration / arrangements?
Application for special consideration / arrangements must be done through the pupil’s school. The detailed application procedures may be obtained from the school.

Q: What happens if there is a spelling error in the personal particulars in the result slip of a pupil?
The pupil should inform the school of the spelling error. The result slip will not be re-printed for the pupil. However, the error will be rectified on his/her PSLE certificate.

Q: Is there a replacement for the pupil’s result slip or certificate?

There is NO replacement for the result slip or certificate. However, the pupil may purchase a “Statement of Results” from the Ministry of Education Customer Service Centre at 1 North Buona Vista Drive, S138675 (8am – 6pm Mon to Fri). The contact number is 6872-2220.

The Statement of Results” costs S$10 per copy. A levy of S$2 and S$5 will be charged for postage to local and overseas addresses respectively.

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SCHOOOLs for the Pri 6 prelim 2011

2)Nanyang :

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Top School PSLE Prelim 2011 Exam Papers Available Now !!!!

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Some Very Creative Answers by students ..Part 1

PSLE Math Exam Format 2011

I approached a good friend Gideon Goh who is an expert in Math and Physics to ask about PSLE Maths Exam Format. Hopefully what is being shared here with me and also with you about PSLE Maths Format will help you guide your children who are taking PSLE 2011.

The ability to do extremely well in PSLE Math goes beyond just having complete mastery over the subject matter and its various associated topics. It also involves knowing what the exam format is, and the various strategies involved so as to enable the student to achieve good results for the subject.

Although most parents in Singapore are extremely concerned with their child's performance in PSLE Math, I have found (to my great surprise) that the majority of them do not even know what the PSLE Math format actually is.

As such, most parents are not able to help their child prepare for the PSLE Math Exam in an optimal way, even though they recognised the need for their child to have complete mastery of the subject in order to attain good grades.

The PSLE Math Exam consists mainly of two papers; namely Paper 1 and Paper 2. The description of the two papers are detailed below.

PSLE Maths Exam Paper 1
Paper 1 contributes a total of 40 marks to the entire PSLE Math Exam. No calculator is allowed for this paper.

This paper is made up of two booklets (Booklet A and Booklet B). Students are required to complete Paper 1 (i.e. both Booklets A and B) within 50 minutes.

Booklet A is made up of 15 Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs). Questions 1 to 10 are 1 mark each, and questions 11 to 15 are 2 marks each.

The maximum score for Booklet A is 20 marks.

Booklet B is made up of 15 Short, Direct Answer Questions. Questions 16 to 25 are 1 mark each, and questions 26 to 30 are 2 marks each.

The maximum score for Booklet B is 20 marks.

PSLE Maths Exam Paper 2
Paper 2 contributes a total of 60 marks to the entire PSLE Maths Examination. Use of calculator IS ALLOWED for this paper.

This paper consists a total of 18 questions. Students are required to complete Paper 2 within 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Questions 31 to 35 are 2 marks each. Questions 36 to 48 will be made up of a variety of 3 to 5 marks questions.

By Jollytan

How to Improve PSLE Result in 2011

I have met many parents who are concerned about their children's performance in PSLE Exams. Some are already looking for help soon after their Primary 5 results are out. School holiday PSLE programmes are being advertised in the Singapore newspapers.

When the PSLE Prelim Exams are announced towards the end August or just after Teachers' Day. Some parents do get into the panic mode. If your child is already performing A or A* standard. Let them keep consistent work. No point piling them with top school exam papers... etc. I think they will do fine when they sit for PSLE. Those who are having C or B may want to take agressive action to help them improve their scores.

If you want to help them to do well in problem sums or learn some speedy ways to solve a mathematical problem, you can attend PSLE Maths Workshop which are conducted over weekends.

Parents who cannot help their children will turn to tuition.... Try KipMcgrath or get tuition from a MOE certified teacher who are experience with Upper Primary students. MindChamps and MindEdge actually have good programs, but it may be too late if you only have 2 more months to go before PSLE. At MindChamps and MindEdge, they have developed a system to help your child to open his or her mindset and maintain focus to do well. If you child is in P5, you may want to consider getting them ready for this program now. If you need to talk to someone, please leave a comment or email me.

If your child is not able to pass one or two subjects, get some help now. Just make sure that they do not get an "U" for it... I think it is a score below 25 marks (please check with the school). If he can make it to above 50, there is still hope.

I cannot say much about Mother Tongue, it is hate/love relationship. Just make sure that your child does not get an "U" even though he hates it. In fact, in the case of Chinese, many children who attended speech and drama courses, or fun way of learning Chinese, has a tremendous love for the language. I met a couple with a Caucasian husband and Chinese wife, they speak to their daughter Mandarin from day 1.... the husband tries hard too and he is a non-Chinese. Very interesting. Good strategy.

Parents who have younger children, and are reading this.... do not wait till your children are in P6 to start taking action to help them in their studies. Seek to understand their strengths, and use their strengths to bring about academic achievements.

In the mean time.........Help your child by achieving little successes. Help him see studying as fun and enjoyable. Do not resort to scolding or nagging or even comparing with his siblings or friends who have done better.... it does not help. Learn good positive words that can raise your child's self-esteem. Put yourself in your child's shoes... be a supportive parent. You can be the one who can make the huge difference in his or her life.

PSLE Math Exam Format 2011, Singapore
Having an understanding of the PSLE Math Exam Format will help you prepare your child for the PSLE Maths Exam in 2011.
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Like Stephen Covey says... Seek first to understand.... Yes! Understand why your child did not perform well for his SA1. At this age of 12 years, this child may not know what is before him. He may not know...

By Jolly Tan
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