Sunday, December 25, 2011

Medical ambition

Another top student who shares Arif's aspiration to be a doctor is top Chinese student, Hannah Tan, 12.

The Raffles Girls' Primary pupil scored 281 in the PSLE, but was surprised as she did not do well in the preliminary exams.

She admitted to not always being the best pupil in class academically, as her classmates "are all very good in their studies", but credits her parents' support and encouragement for her excellent results.

Besides coaching her, they also engaged tutors for her in all four subjects - English, Chinese, Math and Science. Hannah said the pressure to do well and keep up with her classmates made her willing to spend hours at tuition classes.

Her teachers as well, were always ready to help, says Hannah, and gave them many extra lessons. And it seems Hannah's hard work has paid off.

On her ambition, Hannah says: "I hope to be a doctor, as I always hope to help people who are sick and in need and those who are poor and cannot afford to see a doctor."

The only daughter of an A*Star research scientist and Nanyang Polytechnic lecturer, Hannah has gained admission to Raffles Girls' Secondary School next year.

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