Thursday, December 19, 2013

Don’t judge children by PSLE score: Heng

Published: 22 November, 4:03 AM
SINGAPORE — Ahead of the release of the Primary School Leaving Examination results today, Education Minister Heng Swee Keat has reminded parents not to judge their children by how they fare but to spur them to keep on learning.

Writing on his Facebook page yesterday, Mr Heng said it is “not healthy” for children to be under “undue pressure” over one exam, which he said is only one stage of a long education journey and a lifetime of learning.

The Government has moved to ease the stress of the exam for parents and students, starting with scrapping the practice of naming the top student last year and omitting the aggregate highest and lowest scores from result slips this year.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also said at this year’s National Day Rally that students will eventually receive letter grades instead of scores.
In his Facebook post, Mr Heng wrote: “I understand it feels like a big day for many parents. Do remember, though, that it has been a six-year learning journey and there are many more days ahead.

“When the results are out, please do remember not to judge your own child, or others’ children, by a number. Give them a hug for the good work they’ve put in all year (and to yourselves too, parents, because I know you’ve walked this journey with the children) and continue to motivate them to learn and to develop their confidence.” He added that teachers will also appreciate a word of thanks.
Mr Heng added: “There are many areas where our children can shine and we should encourage and help them (do) their best in these areas. As parents, neighbours, teachers, friends, let us take care of the spirits of our children — let us raise our children together to be curious, confident, caring young people, filled with a love for learning and for this world, so that they may succeed in the next phase of education and in life.”

The minister also said he hopes parents and children will spend “good bonding time” together and fully enjoy the coming school holidays.
PM Lee also mentioned in a Facebook post yesterday that he was confident that students would be able to continue their education in a good school, regardless of their PSLE results.

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