Thursday, January 21, 2016

High demand for past PSLE papers

SINGAPORE — Parents snapped up copies of past Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) papers which went on sale in major bookstores today (Feb 7), a day after the announcement that papers from the last three years would be published in full exam format and released annually. At Popular Bookstore at Junction 8 in Bishan, the PSLE papers, which were packaged into booklets, sold like hot cakes. Parents were seen buying a few copies. The store said that it had brought the stock in yesterday evening. As of this afternoon, over 80 per cent of the copies were sold. And parents continued to stream in to buy the exam papers, leaving some shelves empty. The store said parents were at the outlet as soon as it opened for business. Ms Lim Mei Ying, store supervisor of the Popular Bookstore at Junction 8, said: “I asked them, ‘why are you buying so many copies’, because I saw some customers buying three to four copies. Some said that they are helping their neighbours to buy. “Some said that they want to buy two copies, one is for school purposes and the other is for home practice. They said they are quite ‘kiasu’, so they need to be prepared,” she added. CHANNEL NEWSASIA



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