Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hwa Chong student tops A levels this year

Above: Hwa Chong Institution and Singapore's top scorer Koh Mingming. She scored distinctions in all 9 subjects at 13 academic units.

Koh Mingming, 19, who was in the through-train programme, emerged the top student at Hwa Chong Institution(HCI), with nine distinctions at 13 academic units. She also scored A1 in Higher Chinese, making her the top student this year.

Raffles Institution (RI) produced three top scorers this year - Nigel Fong, Barry Tng and Kaushik Venkataraman with nine distinctions and 13 academic units. Last year's top student, Pan Zixiang, was from RI.

Hwa Chong's performance

Effective trilingual in English, Chinese and French, Mingming has already applied for a place in Yale and Harvard, where she hopes to major in Economics.

Hwa Chong Institution (HCI), which offers the integrated programme, produced a record 94 perfect scorers this year, its best showing in four years.

More than 60 students at HCI scored 8 Distinctions and better in Humanities, Mathematics and Science.

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