Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PSLE Revision Tips

The best PSLE notes are the notes that your child creates his/herself. The process that your child goes through to come up with the notes help more than you think. This is why it is important for them to spend some serious time sitting down and compiling what they have learnt into proper notes.

It forces them to review everything they have; learnt, organizes what they have learnt in a particular structure which helps them to remember it better and it forces your child to create linkages between different topics and chapters so they can create a logical flow to the notes.

Here are some other tips, which you can apply to further help your child’s revision process for a day before a PSLE exam. They can make quick mind maps without looking at their notes, which will help them to think through what they have learnt. They can help themselves remember a list of things by linking each item to a location that they are familiar with or they can even create a story out of whatever they have to remember.

For example, photosynthesis, mammals, warm blooded animals, lion, rabbits, cold-blooded animals, reptiles, snakes, and lizards. They can make a story out of this list of words. It doesn’t even have to make sense sometimes. Photosynthesis helps a mammal take photos of warm-blooded animals such as lions and rabbits but cold-blooded reptilian animals like snakes and lizards do not like to pose for pictures.

It doesn’t make sense. But it sure helps one to remember the key words required in a science paper.

Some other tips would be to help your child find a deep and compelling reason to learn a subject and pass an exam. This reason would motivate your child to succeed without being pushed by an external force.

Before any revision, get your child to do some warm up exercises to get some healthy oxygen flowing to the brain. You can also get you child to have 15-minute power nap to improve their concentration for the next round of revision.

Lastly remind your child to read each question on the exam paper carefully. Most children tend to miss out the instructions and lose marks when they actually could have answered it well if they had read the question properly.

By Nadira Begum | October 7, 2010
The Asian Parent

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