Monday, September 5, 2011

Top School PSLE Prelim 2011 Exam Papers Available Now !!!!

The papers all been waiting for is ready for download !!!!

We will be charging a token fee for the service , as the product life span is only 4 weeks.....

Catalogue of the schools :

Link for the downloads...

Pri 6 Prelim Paper 2011 ENG :
Pri 6 Prelim Paper 2011 CL2 :
Pri 6 Prelim Paper 2011 MATH :
Pri 6 Prelim Paper 2011 SCIENCE :


petunialee said...

Could you look into retailing Top Schools Chinese Oral Pictures+Scripts references?

madlittleliberal said...

the links cant be opened because of password. can u help me with that please.

Cheah Hui said...

How can I download the exam paper ?