Sunday, November 9, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions: GEP Pupils

  1. How are pupils identified for the GEP?
    Pupils are identified for the GEP based on their performance in the selection tests, which are conducted at the end of Primary 3. Pupils selected for the GEPare those with high intellectual ability and potential.
    They join the GEP at Primary 4.

    Selection Process

    1. In August, Primary 3 pupils in Singapore schools have the opportunity to take the GEP Screening Test, comprising 2 papers: English Language and Mathematics
    2. Approximately 4000 pupils are shortlisted to sit the GEP Selection Test in October, comprising 3 papers: English Language, Mathematics and General Ability

    Schedule for 2014

    1. GEP Screening Test: 22 Aug 2014
    2. GEP Selection Test: 14 and 15 Oct 2014
    3. Invitation to join GEP: Early November 2014
  2. How are pupils identified for the GEP?

  1. How many pupils are admitted into the GEP at Primary 4?
    About 500 pupils are admitted into the Programme at Primary 4.
  2. How does the curriculum for GEP pupils differ from the national curriculum?
    GEP pupils are given an enriched curriculum that is pitched to challenge and stretch them. This enriched curriculum is built on the regular curriculum.
    The main advantage of the GEP is the differentiated curriculum that offers individualised enrichment and attention to the gifted pupil.
  3. Do the GEP pupils sit the same examinations across the 9 GEP centres?
    Yes, GEP pupils in all 9 primary GEP centres sit the same tests and assessments which are set specially for them by the GEP teachers. These test their ability in critical and creative thinking rather than just knowledge of content alone. There is also continual assessment based on the pupils’ daily work and assignments.
  4. Do the pupils in the primary GEP sit the same examinations as those in the mainstream?
    No. Pupils in the primary GEP do not sit the same examinations as pupils in the mainstream. However, at the end of Primary 6, they will sit the same school-based Preliminary Examination as the mainstream pupils, as well as the same Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).
  5. Will GEP pupils be prepared for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)?
    Yes. GEP pupils are prepared for all the national examinations that the pupils in the mainstream take.
  6. Can we expect all GEP pupils to be scoring straight A’s in tests and examinations?
    There are some GEP pupils who may indeed excel in all subjects. However, some pupils are particularly strong in one or more areas and less so in others. Scoring straight A’s has not been set as their goal for learning. Rather, they are encouraged to improve their personal best. It is important to note that test performance is influenced by the pupil’s interest and motivation in the subject, his/her skills, work habits and ability to perform in the specific subject area.
    As a group, GEP pupils perform extremely well in the national examinations. However, GEP pupils should not be judged solely on the basis of academic success. What is more important is the overall development of the gifted children.
  7. What happens after the primary GEP?
    After Primary 6, promotion to the next level of gifted education is based on:
    1. performance in the GEP from Primary 4 to 6, including a pass in Social Studies
    2. attitude towards work and the enrichment programme
    3. performance at the PSLE

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